Richard Gordon

I have travelled the world applying my expertise in finance and learning as much as I could.

Over the past 13 years, I’ve had tremendous and unique opportunities which have allowed me to develop my passion for finance into a deep understanding of the ways in which industries, economies and financial markets interrelate. I have also learned just how quickly things can change – and how important it is for plans to fit the circumstances.

With a wealth of international experience, technical knowledge and education, I made the decision to become a financial adviser in 2014. I wanted to be working more closely with people and apply my skills in a more meaningful way.

In John Cameron, I’ve been very fortunate to find an associate who shares my values, my lifelong interest in finance and economics - and my firm belief that personalised and educated financial advice is the only kind worth giving.

Richard Gordon, Masters of Business (Finance and Economics) DFP
Investor and Adviser

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