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It concisely explains independent research based on 25 years of data on returns from shares, bonds and cash.

  • How the strengths of each asset class varies over time, with changing economic circumstances.
  • What these lessons mean to current investment strategies.
  • Why you need to monitor the market and regularly adjust your investments – or be sure your adviser is.
  • How your strategies must change when you move from the accumulation phase (working life) to retirement.
  • Practical advice for how you can benefit from this knowledge.


  • The shift from accumulation to income. Most investment theorists focus
    on accumulation and that may be fine before you retire, but after that
    event you are more concerned with income security in the long term.
    The strategies you need may be quite different.
  • The market signal signals you should be looking for, that can tell you
    when to switch strategies.
  • The layered portfolio approach.
  • The role of common sense in investing.



Mainstream myths busted

The factual, documented findings in this report bust some common industry myths that are leading people to make lower-yield, higher-risk investments, every day of the week.

Don't be one of them! Maximise your retirement income; download the free report now.


Timing versus time – a big surprise

Everyone knows that time in the market – how long you invest for – is important to getting good returns. But this data reveals that the timing of your retirement – when you retire – can have an even bigger impact.       

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