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Cover imageMany advisers have opinions about shares versus bonds versus cash and the opinions of some advisers are strangely in line with their commission structures.

This report is factual, based on research taking in data covering decades.

It challenges the “modern portfolio theory” most of the industry relies on.

And it includes valuable, practical, common-sense advice based on the evidence.

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Cover imageThe whole nature of retirement has changed in the last few decades, with important implications for how you should proceed. 

Retirement now can be fun and rewarding: it can mean decades of actively doing the things you wanted, but couldn’t do when you were working. Retirement can be a whole new life – and it’s worth planning for.

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Your retirement income is not just about how much money you retire with. When you retire can be just as important as how much you start with, as can how you invest that money.

To separate the useful facts from blind opinion, Black Swan Event commissioned some independent research.

The results were quite surprising. They contradict much conventional wisdom.

So it's important to your retirement planning that you understand a little about this and base your decisions on facts, not opinion.

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Many retirees with some assets will have their pension reduced or stopped under new rules governing eligibility for the age pension.

This article explains how it works using clear tables. The interaction between the “assets test free area” and the “taper test”, which work together to determine entitlements, is explained.

What’s important for retirees now is to get the most long term value out of their investments, to make up any losses while ensuring the retirement nest egg lasts long enough.

This article draws on independent, factual research to clearly explain the options retirees have.

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 Article imageAn interesting and insightful article tracing the career of John Cameron, Principal of Black Swan Financial planning.

Discover what led him from a large corproate agency to a boutique, personalised service, and the belief that "financial planners should run their business to solve their clients’ problems and meet their needs, not try and squeeze them into a prepackaged solution"

And why he thinks small finacial planning firms are better. 

Click to download: Flexibility and freedom asset magazine october 2010


 Cover imageThe Global Financial Crisis was officially in 2007-2008, but its effects are still being felt – especially in Australia. It was the most severe financial crisis since the Great Depression.

To understand what went wrong and how you can learn from what happened, download this clear analysis, written for the ordinary reader. If you're interested in safe investing, this can read like a thriller!

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