A financial planning business is only as good as its people. Achieving your objectives is dependent on the qualifications, experience, attitude and approach of the advisor and the time he or she takes to get to know you and develop a strategy to meet your unique needs. Twenty five years in this business has taught me that no two clients are the same and there is no place for commoditised pre-packaged products. To maximise your returns, you need a strategy that takes into account all relevant issues and then customised to you. To maximise your returns, there needs to be recognition that things change and that frequent reviews of the strategy – to minimise the impact of black swan events – is essential.

At Black Swan Event Financial Planning all client needs are addressed by me personally. I have the qualifications and experience to take personal responsibility for clarifying your position, developing your strategy and implementing that strategy and then reviewing it regularly.

John Cameron B.Econ; B.Com; Grad Dip Bus; MBA, Post Grad Dip Economics
CFP Principal Investor and Adviser

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