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The Sad State Of Communication In The Financial World. A Tale Of Tribes, Jargon And Gobbledygook.

In certain parts of the financial world, we are meant to provide advice that is “clear, concise and unambiguous”.

This is a very worthy goal. A quick glance at some stock exchange announcements shows that “clear, concise and unambiguous” is often missing in action.

Announcements are often couched in terms that are unintelligible to ordinary people. It is as if they have been framed so that only members of the “financial tribe”, who are schooled in that tribe’s mind numbing jargon can hope to understand.

One of my favourites is a takeover announcement by a technology company.

No names, no pack drill (after all, the offender could have been just about anybody).

The announcement

In the announcement, Senility Pty Ltd announced the takeover of Ability Pty Ltd (just for the record, neither is their real names).

In their announcement, Senility said:

 “Ability is a specialist provider of application, data exchange and technology products to the financial services industry. Customers use Ability to access a suite of business applications, bespoke software development, technology management, hosting and reporting solutions”.

There is more in this vein, but I am sure you get the picture.

I have one question:

 “WHAT DOES ABILITY ACTUALLY DO?” I am sure those versed in the jargon of the insiders (that tribe of financial and technology geeks who thrive on this sort of thing) will wonder what I am on about.

 But, clear, concise and unambiguous it certainly is not.  



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