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Beware The Noise Of The Media – Mass, Social And Other

Two major global events this year have defied the expectations of the media, be it mass media, social media, or any other media.

I refer to Brexit, and Donald Trump’s win in the US elections. If you followed the build up to both events, you would have thought that there was no way either of these events could turn out the way they did – let alone both.  

Furthermore, the chatter beforehand held that either event would lead to the collapse of the stockmarket, and the economy going down the toilet. 

Sure, when Brexit happened and Trump won, the markets fell – but just for one day. Anybody who sold on that day would now be facing big losses as markets have gone on to fresh highs.

How did “they” Get it so wrong?

The best that I can offer, is that so much of what goes around in the media is “noise”, as distinct from information.

The difference is important. Information is built on solid evidence, and sound logic, whereas noise lacks either or both. An awful lot of what is being discussed in the media (but rarely debated or argued), is noise. It consists of simply putting forward somebody’s opinion – and often it is somebody else’s opinion, without either evidence or logic to support it. If it sounds good, then it gets traction. Never mind that there is no logic or evidence that is not as shallow as dishwater, it sounds good.

There is an old saying amongst propagandists that a lie repeated often enough will become accepted as fact. That is not to say that anybody set out to deliberately lie about Brexit and Trump, but the effect is much the same. Repeat a particular point of view often enough and it will get wide acceptance.


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