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Black swan events, like the GFC, can be devastating and very difficult to predict. The impact of such events can also be minimised using a tailored and hands on approach to planning.

The risks associated with black swan events are increased when banks or financial planners sell you pre-packaged investment products rather that tailoring the advice to you.

They are further increased when banks or financial planners employ under qualified staff who simply to ask you a range of standardised questions before having someone who does not know you select the pre-packaged products to sell you.

The risks associated with poor investment returns increase when banks or financial planners focus on the short term (when their fees are maximised) and guidelines designed to minimise their risk ahead of achieving the best outcome for you.

They further increase when banks or financial planners ‘take a set and forget’ approach to managing your investments. The fact is – things change and they are changing faster. I would love to buy you a coffee so you can decide if for yourself whether Black Swan Event Financial Planning offers an alternative that better addresses your needs.

John Cameron - Principal Investor and Adviser


An event or occurrence that deviates beyond what is normally expected of a situation and that would be extremely difficult to predict – Investopedia

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